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More than 50% of the energy produced in the world is lost as waste heat with the majority available at intermediate temperatures (200-500 oC), and hence inaccessible to most energy conversion technologies. Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) can convert part of the waste heat into electrical energy, and potentially TEGs can play an important role in assuring a sustainable society. However, large scale implementation requires development of TEGs, which are cheap, stable, high performing and environmentally benign. Based on results obtained in the DSF Center for Energy Materials (CEM, 2008-2013) we propose intense interdisciplinary research efforts on thermoelectric (TE) energy conversion. The Center for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion (CTEC) will unite Danish activities in the field and the team is strengthened with three selected international partners. CTEC will bring CEM developed IPR to practical use by tackling various unsolved fundamental issues, and thereby contribute to the success of the two companies TEGnology and Alpcon, which resulted from CEM. CTEC will target intermetallics since these are the only materials meeting all requirements at intermediate temperatures. The project has four main objectives i) Development of high performance materials, ii) Development of a commercial TEG, iii) Application of TEGs in cement production, iv) Development of a thin film based TEG. In CTEC, universities and industry partners will work together on common goals to improve materials, modules and system implementations. This assures education at the highest level, as well as direct industrial application of the generated knowledge. CTEC has an outstanding participant list with four universities covering interdisciplinary aspects from materials science to applied engineering, and five dedicated companies driving the activities.
Short titleCTEC
Effective start/end date01/01/201431/12/2018


  • DSF The Danish Council for Strategic Research: DKK36,895,409.00


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