CLASS 1 Cost-Effective Low-Energy Advanced Sustainable Solutions

Project Details


In this project AAU conducts socio-technical research in the complex innovation process of introducing low-energy houses and technologies in main stream building development. The focus in on the potential for municipalities to act as platforms for sustainable transition processes, and the research looks into the municipal planning perspectives, the user and everyday perspectives, and finally the housing companies perspectives.
General description:
The Class1 CONCERTO project holds:
-A demonstration part for a new settlement. In the years 2007-2013 a total of app. 500 dwellings will be designed and constructed with a heating demand corresponding to the new Danish low-energy standard referred to as "low-energy class 1" in a new settlement called Stenloese Syd or better. Furthermore the Concerto community will include a kindergarten and an activity centre for elderly people. The demonstration project also covers the design and construction of a bio-mass CHP plant.
-A R&D part: The technological development of 6 selected technologies/building components covering the 3 areas: Eco-buildings, Renewable Energy Supply and intelligent energy management system. Also the demonstration project is supported by specific design guidelines covering Indoor Environmental Quality and energy savings as well as requirements for monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore the project covers activities dealing with town planning and regulatory means and has eco-labelling as a cross cutting activity.
-Training activities targeted towards the technical personnel of the local authorities, the builders and the users.
- Dissemination activities focused on the associated observer municipalities in Estonia, France, Italy and Romania supported by the organisations around them. Secondly, the dissemination will be directed towards existing networks of cities and municipalities and thirdly towards the public in general.

AcronymClass 1
Effective start/end date01/11/200601/11/2013