CNP / Center for Network Planning

  • Madsen, Ole Brun (Project Participant)
  • Jensen, Michael (Project Participant)
  • Riaz, Tahir (Project Participant)
  • Pedersen, Jens Myrup (Project Participant)
  • Knudsen, Thomas P. (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Rasmus Hjort (Project Participant)
  • Fjermestad, Frode (Project Participant)
  • Jacobsen, Jens (Project Participant)
  • Rasmussen, Jens (Project Participant)
  • Thomsen, Ole Krogh (Project Participant)
  • Andersen, Jens Riis (Project Participant)
  • Sørensen, Jens H. (Project Participant)

Project Details


CNP, Center for Network Planning, was founded January 29th in 2004 based on an agreement between the Institutes of Business Studies, Electronic Systems, Mathematics and Planning at Aalborg University and hosted by the department of Control Engineering at the Institute of Electronic Systems.

CNP was established in order to strengthen the base for research, special studies, education, training and dissemination of results within the field of Network Planning and with special focus on the development of the next generation ICT Infrastructure.

CNP is a member of CTIF, Centre for TeleInFrastruktur, ensuring an almost complete state of the art technical framework for its activities as well as an international contact network.
Effective start/end date29/01/200401/10/2015


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  • network planning


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