Community-Benefit Tourism Symposium and Walking Workshops

  • Phi, Thi Linh Giang (PI)

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The 1st TEFI SYMPOSIUM & WALKING WORKSHOP IN VIETNAM seeks to advance community-based tourism, social entrepreneurship & sustainable development. We do this by first evaluating existing products, services and experiences, then identifying opportunities to develop social entrepreneurship education. The event also contributes to a broader vision to create the first ‘School for Community-based Tourism & Social Entrepreneurship’ in South-east Asia, with the potential to replicate the model in other parts of Vietnam and in other countries.The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Giang Phi, Aalborg University, in collaboration with the Faculty of Tourism, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, The Tourism CoLab, the Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI), and CBT Travel (a registered social enterprise in Vietnam)

The event offers unique opportunities for the creation of new research projects, as well as plans for
long-term collaboration between Vietnamese and international institutions. It also seeks to nurture a unique forum that connects global social entrepreneurs, industry players, and scholars who are passionate about
activating social good.
Short titleTourism & Social Entrepreneurship in Vietnam
Effective start/end date04/07/201920/01/2020


  • social entrepreneurship
  • tourism
  • community-based
  • community-benefit
  • workshop
  • symposium
  • walking
  • vietnam


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