Comparative History of School Accountability

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    The current international discourse of national education systems includes a significant school accountability mechanisms and discourse (e.g., Ryan & Feller, 2009). That broader pattern of accountability has a history which we will explore in a weekend online workshop in summer 2013. The weekend workshop will explore the relationships among individual national histories of accountability policy and discourse and broader questions of international trends and patterns. Ideally, the workshop will include both papers on the history of accountability in individual countries and also papers on international patterns in school accountability.

    Scholars from all countries are invited to submit abstracts for consideration by the convenors. From the submitted abstracts, we will select proposed papers from a range of countries for full paper submission and discussion at the workshop. The workshop sessions will be conducted online through Google+ Hangout or alternative tools.

    Following the workshop, the convenors will edit a special issue of the open-access Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analiticos de Politicas Educativas whose submissions will include revised papers from the workshop as well as manuscripts collected through a separate call later in 2013, with publication in 2014.

    Ryan, Katherine E. & Feller, Irwin (2009). Evaluation, Accountability and Performance Measurement in National Education Systems - Trends, Methods, and Issues. In: Ryan, Katherine E. & Cousins, J. Bradley (eds.) The Sage International Handbook of Educational Evaluation. Sage: Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore, Washington DC, pp. 171-189.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201308/12/2014


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