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CORES, Components for Ocean Renewable Energy Systems is a 7FP RTD project with funding from the European Commission that started in April 2008 and will run over the next three years.

This project is coordinated by Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre of the University College Cork.

The main objective of CORES is to create a wave to wire modelling “Toolbox” which will allow developers to evaluate the effect of changes in device components on the performance and economics. This Toolbox will consist of a number of numerical models or “tools” developed within the individual Work Packages (air turbine, electrical and controls, moorings) that will be validated through laboratory scale testing using the floating OWC pilot plant, the OEBuoy, developed by the Irish company Ocean Energy, installed at sea in Galway Bay Test Site (Ireland). The project concentrate its activities on the development of new device concepts and components for power-take-off, control, moorings, risers, data acquisition and instrumentation based on floating OWC systems.

Effective start/end date01/04/200831/03/2011


  • Wave energy