Concurrent Product and Supply Chain Design

    Project Details


    The purpose of this Ph.D. project is to investigate the correlation between products and logistics in the context of the supply chain. We know that the nature of a given product has a major influence on the performance of the supply chain associated with it. We also know that logistics costs are generally estimated at 15-20% of total product costs. So it stands to reason that a company may be able to reduce costs, and thereby gain an edge on its competitors, by tailoring the supply chain in question to an individual product or product family; i.e., by creating focused supply chains. Working as a change agent at Bang & Olufsen, a Danish manufacturer of audio and video equipment and the case company/partner on this project, the researcher is collaborating on tools to integrate logistics/SCM considerations into early phases of product development. Step one is to investigate the structure of existing products and their supply chains at B & O. In step two, a framework to support the concurrent development of products and supply chains is being sketched out together with B & O. CIP project group: Ebbe Gubi (Ph.D. researcher, Professor John Johansen (primary advisor) and Poul H. K. Hansen (associate advisor) Project duration: fall 2000 ? fall 2003
    Effective start/end date31/12/200331/12/2003