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    The project aims to provide "next generation everyday services" based on an effective pervasive computing platform. This entails multiple services, which are relevant to the individual user in terms of the use context, characterized by time, location, background profile, user tasks or activities etc. We call such services "context-based services" in the following. It will require highly distributed, reliable, and secure systems that can evolve and adapt to radical changes in their environment, delivering context-based information services that adapt to the people and services that need them. The systems must easily and naturally integrate heterogeneous devices, ranging from tiny sensors and actuators to hand-held information appliances and further into wall-sized displays. The heterogeneity stresses the need for provisioning iquitous and seamless access. This project will combine state-of-the-art xt-based technology infrastructures with solid knowledge on human computer terfaces, and will exploit this knowledge to build new applications in a real-life setting integrating technical, social and economic aspects of the applications. The partners have strong positions in key areas, inluding integrated, mobile services, healthcare informatics, it-infrastructure (Internet and hypermedia), data management, usability, participatory design and augmented reality.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200331/07/2004


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