Control Strategies of Distributed Generation (DG) Clusters

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Integration of DG into an existing utility can result in several benefits, such as line-loss reduction, peak shaving, increased overall energy efficiency, and voltage support, etc. Benefits are not limited to utility. Customers also benefit from DG in term of better quality of supply at lower cost. Yet, in DG scenarios, the strong support of the system voltage from the utility is missing. DG units are responsible for ensuring the reference voltage and frequency, which are the main functions of the inverters. In addition, the loads are located close to the generation units, and thus the load characteristics will impact the operation of generation units. Hence, there are urgent needs to reveal the dynamic behavior of DG system and to address the interactions of DG system with different type of loads.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/12/2019


  • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.: DKK2,384,914.00


  • Distributed Generation (DG)
  • stability
  • load sharing
  • design-oriented analysis


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