• Obel, Carsten (CoI)
  • Hansen, Thomas Riisgaard (CoI)
  • Thomsen, Trine Rolighed (CoI)
  • Mølgaard Thaysen, Frederik (CoI)
  • Dalsgaard, Peter (CoI)
  • Bak Kirk, Ulrik (CoI)
  • Sigsgaard, Torben (CoI)

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The website is intended as a focal point for projects involving citizen involvement. The idea is that active involvement of citizens is central if society is to get through not just the first, but especially the second wave of the epidemic. also includes various forms of dissemination, such as a simulator where you can see how an epidemic could develop in a society under different conditions.
The site is the preliminary result of a project group that includes several researchers from Aarhus University, but also experts from AAU, SDU, KU, infectious medicine departments, the animation school and the private sector.
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Hvordan formidler man sin forskning under en pandemi?

Trine Rolighed Thomsen


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