COST 278 "Spoken Language Interaction in Telecommunication"

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Speech may become the preferred medium for interacting with new telecom services, both in mobile and in desk top applications, because speech first of all offers a very natural means of interaction with the service, and furthermore, because the speech input mode is compliant with the demand for a strong miniaturisation of the terminals (e.g. in mobile applications).     Given the recent evolution of speech and dialogue processing as well as communication technologies, the COST Action 278 has the key objectives to increase the knowledge of potentially useful applications and methodologies in deploying spoken language interaction in telecommunication.     Emphasis is on achieving knowledge of speech and dialogue processing in multi-modal communication interfaces and to achieve knowledge of natural human-computer interaction through more cognitive, intuitive and robust interfaces, whether monolingual, multi-lingual or multi-modal.
Effective start/end date19/05/201031/12/2017