Creative Learning by Doing - Teaching and researching with PBL. Integrating students in teaching and research

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    This project is developing new tool to integrate students from Tourism Studies and Global Refugee Studies in developing new ways of using the problem-based –learning (PBL) model to transform the project based learning model and create creative ways of integrating students in teaching methods and research projects.

    During field-trips students will work with different actors (NGOs, villages and communities) to gather material for reports on how actors can develop and implement tourism and/or development projects. Most countries in the Global South are integrating tourism – and especially sustainable tourism – in their development plans. This project will be incorporate results from students’ and staffs’ field work into creating new teaching material, and at the same time it will establish a platform where researchers and students establish learning processes that are based on co-creation.

    The project will last for two years and the material collected and results produced during the project will be presented during seminars and in journal articles.
    Effective start/end date01/02/201701/07/2021

    Collaborative partners

    • University of Havana
    • Cuban Embassy


    • PBL, Higher Education, context, employability, storytelling, co-creation, students


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