Dansk deltagelse i IEA ECES Annex 32 “Open Sesame” – Open Source Energy Storage Models

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The energy system is changing due to variable energy production, which requires new and more storage devices to balance demand and production and additionally to increase flexibility. The aim of IEA ECES Annex 32 is to select optimal energy storage systems with the optimal operation mode in order to balance the energy system. There are hardly any scientifically proven, open source models for energy storage systems which are a prerequisite for operation or structural optimization and for assessing the value of storage systems. The task in this annex is to develop a standardized and scientifically proven approach and methodology to asses various storage systems for various applications. The annex leads to generic open source models and data sets to be used for finding solutions to current storage challenges including technical, economical and regulatory.

The Danish partners will be involved in providing data for thermal test cases, in providing storage models and applications for optimizing design and operation and assessment of storages and in dissemination of the results.
The project is supported by the Danish Energy Agency's Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme, EUDP.
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2022

Collaborative partners

  • EMD International A/S


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