Data Management Support for Location-Based Services

Project Details


The project Data Management Support for Location-Based Services is based on a simple yet wide-reaching thesis: by capturing pertinent aspects of reality in the computer - in semantically rich and appropriately organized structures and with powerful update and retrieval techniques available - an ideal foundation for delivering a wide range of location-based services is obtained. With CfPC, Euman, KMS, Nykredit, Sonofon, and VD, researchers at Aalborg University aim to explore the data management foundations for location-enabled services. Funding: A total of DKK 8,665,000 contributed by theparticipants.Additional Participants: The Danish National Centrefor IT Research, Euman A/S, Sonofon A/S, Nykredit Data A/S, Kort-ogMatrikelstyrelsen (the Danish mapping agency), Vejdirektoratet (theDanish Road Directorate).
Effective start/end date01/01/200231/12/2005


  • Center for IT Research