Design of debugger/monitor for M68000 microprocessor systems

    Project Details


    A versatile debugging tool was needed in connection with a change in our students' project work at 4th semester towards a complete design of a microprocessor system based on M68000. An available debugger/monitor was not working properly, but could be used as the base for further development. An extensive redesign with new functionalities has been made. The debugger/monitor system consists of developed software in an EPROM with a serial RS232 communication to a PC with program development tools for the microprocessor and user interface. This debugging tool makes it possible to design very compact standalone M68xxx microprocessor development systems with basic debugging facilities such as: Download programs to memory, display and modification of registers and memory and execution of programs with break points and single step. Beside the debugger/monitor system, a user's manual and a standalone M68000 based microprocessor system have been designed, with continuing improvements going on.
    Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …