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The purpose of the project is to provide an overview of lessons to be learned from both research and practice regarding the development of eco-industrial parks (EIPs). Development is understood as both from a historical and future design perspective. The objective is to arrive at a framework and guidelines for (1) understanding the lessons learned from research and practice, (2) identifying development paths for EIPs, and (3) deriving guidelines & recommendations for GreenLab’s future development. The focus is to synthesize current research into lessons learned to serve as enablers for future strategic growth of GreenLab.

The project is supported by the VILLUM FOUNDATION.
Effective start/end date01/10/202231/03/2024

Collaborative partners

  • Port of Aalborg A/S
  • GreenLab Skive


  • Eco-industrial parks
  • Industrial area
  • Design
  • GreenLab Skive
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • Replication principles


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