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In recent years, new types of power electronics such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) have been widely used in the new energy generation systems, electric drives, smart gride and other medium-voltage (MV)/ high-voltage (HV), high-power conversion applications. Compared with traditional Si, SiC has the advantages of wider bandgap, higher thermal conductivity and critical breakdown strength, and faster electron saturation drift speed. The power converter with SiC MOSFETs can obtain the advantages of high switching frequency, low conduction loss, good thermal conductivity and high voltage, which can greatly reduce the size of the device, improve the power density and save the cost of system. Most of SiC power modules use the packaging technology of Si power modules, which is difficult to give full play to the superior performance of SiC material. As the voltage level increases, the risks of compact power module increases. Therefore, it is urgent to study more advanced packaging technology for SiC power modules.In this project, a compact 15kV MV SiC MOSFET power modules will be developed to solve the risk of aging caused by partial discharge, and at the same time, to further reduce the influence of parasitic parameters by improving the layout of the power module. And the design of power module, the fabrication of prototype, the performance test of the prototype will be discussed.

Funding: AAU Energy Scholarship
Effective start/end date01/04/202131/03/2024


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