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The vision of digital integration of all processes in the value chain of construction requires that the parties have a mutual system for description and exchange of data and that they keep extensive order and data discipline when handling data in the building process. The aim of digital foundation is to establish these fundamental conditions, i.e. to
a) develop and determine a strategy for improving order and data discipline including identification of areas where a special effort is needed, and to appoint transformation agents,
b) start the processes that can create improvements,
c) ensure international initiatives in the field.

The subproject “3D work method” deals with the fundamental methods for working with digital construction models and formulating them in three practical instructions:
a) 3D CAD manual – a reference work for all CAD users
b) 3D CAD project contract – a prototype for the project managers in construction
c) 3D object and stratification – to identify and define the objects (rooms, building elements and components) which are included in the digital construction model.

Project management: Rambøll. Other partners: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), KHR arkitekter A/S, COWI, bips and 35 companies from the value chain of construction. Participants from Aalborg University: Kjeld Svidt.
Effective start/end date01/01/200530/06/2006


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