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Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are fundamental to enhance the green transition by powering electric vehicles (EVs) and reducing the variability of renewable generation. Nevertheless, LIBs are still expensive; therefore diagnosing and estimating the health of LIBs becomes crucial for ensuring reliable and efficient operations and economic feasibility. While there are multiple methods for diagnosing the health of LIBs, the drawbacks are glaringly evident. Almost all these techniques need offline measurement and human manipulation of the LIBs, which can result in permanent damage. Listen2Battery proposes a high-risk high-gain experiment that has the potential to revolutionize the paradigm of LIBs health diagnosing. The hypothesis is that while the LIBs operate, various sounds are produced due to the changes in the internal physical structure. By experimentally identifying and analyzing the sound from LIBs at different aging states, the health status of LIBs will be evaluated. In short, the LIBs’ health will be diagnosed by listening to the sound they create.
Short titleListen2Battery
Effective start/end date01/03/202428/02/2026


  • Villum Fonden: DKK1,994,088.00


  • Batteries
  • Electric vehicles
  • LIBs


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