Digital Transformation and Occupational Wellbeeing

  • Nielsen, Rikke Kristine (PI)
  • Brookes, Michael (Project Applicant)
  • Cotton, Elisabeth (Project Manager)
  • Huws, Ursula (CoI)
  • Spencer, Neil (CoI)
  • Kirov, Vassil (CoI)
  • Czarzasty, Jan (CoI)
  • Schönauer, Annika (PI)

Project Details


Application submitted to CHANSE, Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe, on May 7, 2021 for the call "TRANSFORMATIONS: SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DYNAMICS IN THE DIGITAL AGE" for a project entitled "Digital Transformation and Occupational Wellbeeing" (DITOW). This application did not, however, receive any funding in 2021.

The DiTOW-project focuses on the impact of digitalisation on occupational safety and health with a particular focus on psycho-social impacts. It addresses Topic 2 in the CHANSE 2021 Call: Digitalisation and Social Transformation. While its main focus is the second sub-topic – Digitalised work and organisations – it also addresses the first – Digitalisation and Social Relations. The reason for this overlap is the recognition that changes in the experience of working life have profound implications for other aspects of life, including work-life balance, social and family relationships, identity, security and physical and mental well-being. Taking as its starting point The changing nature of work…with the rise of outsourcing and the gig economy as well as more general uses of digital management (DM) practices, it addresses the question: Does digitalisation have counter-productive side-effects and unintended negative consequences? It links these not only to changes in working conditions, including increased precarity and the loss of institutionalised forms of worker protection, but also to How digitalisation is altering social life and the use of time, addressing such questions as How does digitalisation impact the quantity and quality of time we spend with family and friends? And How do innovations shape gender differences, our work-life balance and ways in which we use time?

Key findings

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