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How can digital technology be used as an arena for social relations among young people with cognitive disabilities? This project examines the meaning that digital technology has for social relations among young people with cognitive disabilities. It strives to develop theory and strategies for technology-supported social relations for this target group. Digital technology is widespread and also presented as arenas that can support these young people in developing and maintaining social relations. However, despite the good intensions, knowledge about how young people with cognitive disabilities understand and experience digital social relations is scarce. Additionally, it is a challenge for carers and professionals to support these young people in their digital lives. Consequently, there is a need for knowledge, theory and strategies for supporting the target group in handling the opportunities and challenges related to digital interaction. This project is a 4 year research and development collaboration between researchers and young people with cognitive disabilities, their carers and professionals in institutions for young people with special needs. Through qualitative participatory research knowledge is co-developed about this relevant but neglected area. The project expands research and practice by contributing with theory and digital strategies targeted young people with cognitive disabilities.

This research is supported by the Velux Foundation.
Effective start/end date01/01/201830/06/2022


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