DiRECTLY: Databased REal-time CollaboraTive Logistics sYstem - 15,1 million Dkr

  • Reinau, Kristian Hegner (PI)
  • Østergaard, Christian Richter (Project Participant)
  • Frigaard, Peter (Project Participant)
  • Polak, John (Project Participant)
  • Daina, Nicolò (Project Participant)
  • Andersen, Michael Bondo (Project Participant)
  • Pedersen, Finn Normann (Project Participant)
  • Tranberg, Charlotte Bagger (Project Participant)
  • Bakkegaard, Lars (Project Participant)
  • Preisler, Ulf (Project Participant)
  • Stenbæk, Jesper Højte (Project Participant)
  • Høy, Peter (Project Participant)

Project Details


24% of all truck-kilometers driven in the EU are empty running and on trips with load the average utilization of load-capacity is 57% (Supply Chain Decarbonization, World Economic Forum 2009). Due to this low level of utilization, the aim of this project is to develop and implement an innovative automated collaborative logistics system (CLS), which make sharing of capacity amongst competing logistic firms attractive.
Short titleCollaborative Cargo
Effective start/end date01/01/201730/06/2021


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK720,000.00