PhD-project: Discursive and Social Aspects of Transnational Networking and Its Role in Shaping Transnational Identity in a European context: A qualitative inquiry into cross-border networking practices and their place in reconstruction of Europe

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    Recent decades have been marked by a series of radical transformations that are firmly establishing a new format of living in Europe, which is becoming one of the most salient geopolitical spaces in which transnational practices pervade.
    The primary research goal of my project is to capture the true dynamics of transnational ways of living and construction of multi-locational identities of established and "new-born" European citizens by focusing on the practices of transnational networking.

    In the context of contemporary transnational Europe, when the lines between cultural, social and geographical spaces of belongingness become ruptured, networks come to replace them by serving as the new, more flexible and multilayered sites of identification. Within the framework of my research, I examine one of these new transnational spaces - Danish-Russian society - whose functioning connects political, economical, religious and social sites of transnational living.
    In the context of the project, the term transnational networking is used to define social and discursive networks emerging and developing across the borders of European countries at the interface between cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic spaces.

    However, my interest in transnational networking goes beyond identifying social and discursive practices that participate in this process. My primary concern is their impact on the issues of social status and power relations that inevitably intertwined with the process of identification. As well as I strive to make visible and analyse structural and ideological shifts in the institutional practices towards less rigid and more open organisational forms.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200701/02/2011


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