Distributions of slow fading

  • Andersen, Jørgen Bach (Project Participant)

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antprop The classical distributions, Rayleigh and lognormal, are discussed from an interpretation point of view. The lognormal is an excellent practical model for slow fading, but it lacks a theoretical explanation. Instead of the Suzuki distribution (mixture of Rayleigh and log-normal) a new set of distributions are proposed, which is a sum of single and multiple complex Gaussians. H=K+H1+( H2H3+( H4H5H6 Excellent agreement with measurements in urban areas. It is also found that often the local fast fading is not Rayleigh, but has a local Ricean character due to dominant scatterers. [Andersen, Kovacs, 2002]. (J. Bach Andersen)
Effective start/end date31/12/200231/12/2002