DMB / DUS - WP2 - Bikeability - 2.697.665 dkr. (external funding)

  • Harder, Henrik, (Project Licensee)
  • Silva, Victor, (Project Coordinator)
  • Jensen, Ole B. (Project Participant)
  • Suenson, Valinka, (Project Participant)
  • Simonsen, Anders Kvist (Project Participant)
  • Slavensky, Anna, (Project Participant)
  • Christensen, Ann Sofie Grimshave, (Project Participant)
  • Overby, Kristian, (Project Participant)
  • Nørgaard, Louise, (Project Participant)
  • Baylis, Luke David Lorimer, (Project Participant)
  • Thuesen, Niels, (Project Participant)
  • Bregendahl, Nina Kjær, (Project Participant)
  • Jakobsen, Stine Ellegaard, (Project Participant)
  • Knudsen, Anne-Marie Sanvig, (Project Participant)
  • Madsen, Jens Chr. Overgaard, (Project Participant)


The research project approach will rely on a survey of Danish bicycle infrastructure cases/interventions in the period from 1978 until 2009, and a comparative case study of seven Danish cases of intervention to the bicycling infrastructure.

WP4 incorporate a Dutch reference study analyzing seven cases of intervention to the bicycling infrastructure, including new (to the Danish context) forms of interventions/projects – such as “bicycle streets” – that have not yet been implemented in any Danish municipality until 2009.

The results of WP4 will provide WP1.3 with information on types of interventions/project and case based assessments for validation and triangulation of conclusions. The WP consists of 4 subprojects. WP4.1 The Danish bicycling infrastructure cases will survey bicycling infrastructure cases implemented between 1978 and 2009, based on a web-based questionnaire to all Danish municipalities. A typology of interventions will be developed, and assessment made with respect to the state of knowledge as well as evidence of effects.

WP4.2 Study of selected Danish bicycling interventions will study a selection of bicycling infrastructure cases in a multiple case study representing a variety of interventions as well as regional and urban contexts. Two case studies will be reserved for planned interventions in the projects main case study areas Odense and Copenhagen while the rest will assess projects and effects in retrospect and based on available data. WP4.3 Reference study of selected bicycling interventions in the Netherlands will conduct a multiple case study will be carried out in the Netherlands by the projects Dutch partner, focusing on bicycle infrastructure cases that helped increase local bicycle traffic significantly. This reference study will be based on considerations related to the classic study “Sign up for the Bike: Design Manual for a Cycle friendly Infrastructure” and these considerations will be compared to more recent studies from the Netherlands. WP4.4 Outlook and recommendations will assemble the results from the national survey and comparative case studies for cross reading and analytical generalization, and in cooperation with planners from the projects case areas, provide recommendations for promotion of cycling
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2013


  • Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF 2009)


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