• Brøndsted, Tom (Project Participant)

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Speech and Multimedia Communication Focus on distributed spoken dialogue systems (DSDs), e.g. remote server-based architectures where end-users access web-services through handheld devices, have lead to standardization efforts for formalisms for recognition grammars and dialogue descriptions. Standards are discussed and proposed within the W3Cs voice browser activity, VoiceXML forum etc. Based on a flexible suite of Natural Language Processing tools developed and improved over the last years (cf. CPK Annual Reports 98, 99) the project aims at evaluating some of the standard proposals in realistic a set-up, where speech grammars and dialogue descriptions are derived from changing databases to be accessed by end-users. The evaluation sets focus on core issues like ambiguity, lexical structure, and semantic representation. (Tom Brøndsted, Bo Nygaad Bai)
Effective start/end date31/12/200131/12/2001