Effects of Personal Stereo Use

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Modern personal stereo systems have the ability to store thousands of music files in small, relatively low-cost, compact devices. The popularity and widespread presence of the MP3 player cannot go unnoticed in contemporary society. Given a sufficient noise level and listening duration, consumers are at risk of developing a noise-induced hearing loss. A study into the effects of personal stereo use will be carried out with the intention of investigating common noise exposure levels in realistic and/or simulated settings, user listening habits and the hearing status in a group of listeners.  Noise exposure levels are to be obtained by using the manikin technique described in the ISO 11904-2 standard. The listening habits will be investigated through structured interviews, where participants report on personal stereo listening habits and prior hearing history. The hearing status of selected subjects will be evaluated through the use audiometry and different types of otoacoustic emissions. Supported by the FTP.
Effective start/end date01/02/200501/02/2009


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