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Denmark’s ambitious plan to rapidly increase the fraction of renewable energy supply towards 100 % over the coming 35 years will lead to huge changes in the electricity grid and a need for large-scale energy storage due to the intermittent nature of wind and solar power. Converting electricity into energetic gasses such as hydrogen and methane (Power to gas, P2G) can contribute to a large electricity offtake. The stored gas can be further converted to liquid hydrocarbon fuels for the transportation sector, or sold to other high value markets, or converted back to electricity at peak demand. The overall objective of this project is to develop a reliable, highly efficient, and cost effective P2G (methane) solution based on an intimate integration of SOEC electrolysis, biomass gasification, and methanation technologies. To promote its commercialization further the project will focus on two of the most critical issues, namely maturing the least developed of the technologies (SOEC) with regard to lifetime, scale and cost reduction and exploring synergies and technical challenges in integrating the three technologies.
Effective start/end date01/09/201701/09/2020


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