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In the neo-capitalist era, the concept of employability refers to the personal capital that everyone must manage and which comprises the total set of skills people can mobilize (Boltanski & Chiapello, 2007, 93). More about this The basic assumption of this research project is that employability builds on a duality of structure and agency, which necessitates that the research design reflects this. This means on the one hand considering the structural conditions by focusing on a particular humanist higher education (HHE) at a particular university in Denmark. Therefore, we set out by asking RQ1: What are the areas (providing) employment for the HHE graduates? What do they add from the employers’ perspectives? On the other hand, adding a constructivist notion we consider the agency of the graduates by asking RQ2: How do the graduates find employment? How do the employment areas match the graduates’ competences?
Short titleEmployability
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