Biped robot capable of walking human-like for improving mobility of impaired people

  • Svendsen, Mads Sølver (Project Participant)

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People who have lost the use of a leg regain some of their mobility by using a prosthetic leg. Todays prosthetic legs are however not able to restore the gait to its original form resulting in additional strain in knees, hip, and back. This is mostly due to the passive nature of the prosthetic leg and the research in the project will investigate how an active prosthetic leg can restore the gait of a robot that has an artifical impairment. Conducting the research on a biped robot makes it possible to measure strain distribution and energy use directly as the control parameters in the active prosthesis are changed.
Effective start/end date01/09/200701/09/2010


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  • biped
  • active prosthetics


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