Enhancing University Autonomy in Moldova

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The EUniAM project aims at enhancing the university autonomy in the Republic of Moldova by proposing legislative changes to the higher education legal framework.

The project is funded with the support of the European Union under TEMPUS IV (2007-2013) program. It is a national structural measures project that seeks to contribute to the development and reform of education institutions and systems at the national level in the Republic of Moldova.

The EUniAM project is answering to main objectives of national policies of Moldova in the field of higher education related to enhancing university autonomy, namely: (1) Consolidated Strategy of Education Development for 2010-2015; (2) Activity Program of Moldovan Government for 2009-2013 „European Integration: Freedom, Democracy, Welfare”; and (3) harmonization of higher education systems of Moldova in line with principles of Bologna process.

Specific objectives of the project are to:

- Contribute to the work of the permanent government structures that work with the reform of the university autonomy system;
- Develop skills for modernization capacity of the involved higher education institutions;
- Evaluate the existing university autonomy system applied to higher education institutions of Moldova taking in consideration the main existing constrains;
- Study and adapt the relevant solutions and procedures of the university autonomy system applied in higher education institutions of EU partners;
- Draft legislative proposals on university autonomy;
- Disseminate the EUniAM project results and ensure the sustainability and awareness of the role of all stakeholders to assure the quality education system development in Moldova.

The expected outcomes of the EUniAm are:

- Legislative proposal on organizational autonomy
- Legislative proposal on financial autonomy
- Legislative proposal on staffing autonomy
- Legislative proposal on academic autonomy
- Holistic university autonomy framework
Effective start/end date15/10/201214/10/2015

Collaborative partners

  • Academy of Economic Sciences of Moldova (Project partner)
  • National Council of Student Organizations of Moldova (Project partner)
  • State Agrarian University of Moldova (Project partner)
  • Education and Science Trade Union (Project partner)
  • State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu (Project partner)
  • Ministry of Finance of R. Moldova (Project partner)
  • State University of Moldova (Project partner)
  • Ministry of Education of R. Moldova (Project partner)
  • Mykolas Romeris University (Project partner)
  • Technical University of Moldova (Project partner)
  • National Council of Rectors of Republic of Moldova (Project partner)
  • University of Suceava Ştefan cel Mare (Project partner)
  • State University of Comrat (Project partner)
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Project partner)
  • State University of Cahul "Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdău" (Project partner)
  • University of Gloucestershire (Project partner)
  • State University of Balti "Alecu Russo" (Project partner)
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce of R. Moldova (Project partner)


  • University Autonomy
  • Republic of Moldova


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