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Accelerating the digital innovation in the PtX energy sector and its related sectors requires considering all stakeholders in the development of digital ecosystem solutions for efficient sector coupling in PtX value chains.
The project will investigate the potential and possibilities of purchasing electricity from large-scale offshore wind and energy islands for use in a regional ecosystem with sector coupling solutions, PtX production and infrastructure. The project will build knowledge, uncover commercial opportunities and screen for business potential and skills needed to build and run the ecosystem.
Short titleClusterSoutH2
Effective start/end date23/11/202131/08/2023

Collaborative partners

  • Semco
  • Hybrid Greentech
  • Center Danmark
  • University of Southern Denmark


  • REACT-EU-tilskud (Erhvervsstyrelsen/EU): DKK3,980,775.00


  • PtX system
  • Grid connection
  • Hydrogen


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