European Liability Insurance Organisation Schemes

  • Roussel, Jean (Project Manager)
  • Colpaert, Pierre (Project Coordinator)
  • Haugbølle, Kim (Project Manager)
  • Salagnac, Jean-Luc (Project Manager)
  • Vernande, Henk (Project Manager)
  • Bougrain, Fréderic (Project Participant)
  • Dunand, Thomas (Project Participant)
  • Sidnick, Lewis (Project Participant)
  • Winnepenninckx, Eric (Project Participant)
  • Doutreluingne, Claire (Project Participant)
  • Gottlieb, Stefan Christoffer (Project Participant)
  • de Place Hansen, Ernst Jan (Project Participant)
  • Palupcik, Simon (Project Participant)
  • Clot, Lionel (Project Participant)

Project Details


Purpose: The aim of ELIOS II is fourfold:

- Review of the national liability and insurance systems in the EU-27.

- Assessment of the impact of the insurance regimes on consumer protection, the competitiveness and the sustainability of the construction sector, and the economics of the insurance market.

- Identification of insurance schemes and good practices that could help especially craft and small construction entreprises to exploit innovative solutions for sustainable construction and to adopt responsible management.

- Concrete recommendations about the extent to which the European Commission should support the formation and the promotion of such insurance schemes in the member states.
Effective start/end date01/01/201231/12/2014


  • EU DG ENTR Competitiveness and Innovation Programme: DKK1,428,690.00


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