European Union Impact on National Policy-making - The Europeanization of Danish Regulatory Policies

  • Kallestrup, Morten (Project Participant)

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    The European Union and its policies presently challenge the sovereignty of the European nation-state. This dissertation studies the Europeanization of national policy-making processes. It is assumed that actors, constellations, and interaction modes in domestic policy-making processes have changed due to the evolving European integration. The particular object of analysis is the domestic arena through which policy-making take place in certain policy sectors. This with regards to how the proc-esses are changed due to direct or indirect impact from the European Union. Based on the conception of different Europeanization mechanisms: negative, positive and framing integration, selected regulatory policy sectors, e.g. Danish competition policies and consumer policies, are examined. As such, the dissertation explores the substance and extent of European Union impact on policy-making processes in national arenas. Ph.d. projekt. (Morten Kallestrup)
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