Evaluation of the project exam

Project Details


In 2006, the group exam was abolished by the government, wherefore the group based project exam at AAU was changed to an individual project exam. A group of researchers from various faculties at AAU did an investigation of the implication of the change and the new exam. In this context, UCPBL did a survey among students, external examiners, and the academic staff at AAU as well as interviews with students and video taping of exams (http://www.ucpbl.net/Reports%2C+Videos+and+Promotion/Working+Papers/). One of the results were that the majority of students who had tried both types of exams preferred the group based project exam.
From 2013 it again became possible to hold group exams wherefore AAU decided to reintroduce the group based project exam, starting 2013. The decision to reintroduce the group exam was however met with some distress and concern by the student and academic staff.
These concerns give rise to a number of interesting research questions in relation to what the previous students and academic staff indicated to try to understand these concerns, and explore how it is actually experienced. Furthermore, the reintroduction of a group based project exam is also an opportunity to introduce a variety of group exams, including types who have elements from the individual exam. In fact, the Faculty of Engineering and Science did not simply go back to the former model for group exam. It is now a requirement that the exam has an individual phase inserted into it.
The project works on the following research questions:

• How does the students and the academic staff experience the new group based project exam?
• How does the various types of project exams assess various types of learning objectives?
• How are PBL projects assessed internationally?
Effective start/end date01/12/201201/12/2015