The vision of project Model school well-being for everyone is to develop and disseminate knowledge that can support and advise school management across the country in living up to the National Board of Health's prevention package on mental health in the school area. This means that the project focuses on the school leaders creating action plans and implementing initiatives so that the pupils' cognitive, emotional and social skills are strengthened, bullying is prevented and positive learning communities are created.
In order to meet the challenges of promoting mental health in Danish school practice, the partnership will combine perspectives from research, implementation experience from practice and the schools' statutory obligations into a holistic model. The power of Model school enthusiasm for everyone will be that it meets formal requirements and at the same time can be adapted to the individual school's needs and current capacity. The content of the model is shaped so that the management can choose different themes and be guided through a course that supports the selection of relevant initiatives and creates a framework for a common development process at the school. If necessary, the model will also include the possibility of exchanging experience between the users.
Effective start/end date02/01/201831/12/2020


  • School well-being
  • Mental health