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Research centres around the world have developed many different configurations to represent a computer simulated person. The manikins are very different with respect to size, form, heat emission details, turbulence models, etc. The variation may reflect the various possibilities in software and different standards for persons from country to country.
To support the development of a CFD Manikin, two benchmark tests for the boundary conditions around a CFD manikin have been introduced. One test is for mixing ventilation and one is for displacement ventilation. The benchmark tests are introduced together with the Annex 20 2D test case at:
Up to now the home page contains reference to 40 different applications of the benchmarks.
The idea behind a benchmark test, which define the boundary conditions around a CFD manikin, is the following: When you have tested your own idea of a CFD manikin under the same boundary conditions as a number of other researchers, you can make comparisons, and perhaps make some new decisions on geometrical details of your design, turbulence model, type of grid etc. This may hopefully lead to simplifications of a CFD manikin.
One seminar took place at Roomvent 2004 (4 contributors), two papers was presented at Clima 2005 and a seminar at ASHRAEs winter meeting will have 5 contributors. A new seminar at ASHRAEs yearly summer meeting will bring 5 new contributions.
The project will be extended with the development of benchmark tests for a thermal comfort CFD manikin, and development of a thermal comfort CFD manikin. This work will be made in cooperation with Håkan Nilsson from Sweden.
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  • CFD predictions : Benchmark test : Manikin : Mixing ventilation : Displacement ventilation


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