Experimental Lab for the Development of Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains


A Learning Lab has been established, and the project has resulted in principals and guidelines for developing company specified manufacturing scenarios and visions to enable the company to address future challenges. This entails an innovative and participatory process through which commonly shared images are developed of both the present situation and future mode of operation. Several company case projects have demonstrated the feasibility and usefulness of the approach. Key elements are the preparation of a script for workshops and seminars and the facilitation of the process. CIP project group: Professor Jens O. Riis, Assistant Professors Niels G. Rytter and Linda Englyst, Professor John Johansen (project co-managers), Visiting Professor Jim Luxhøj, Assistant Professor Nuran Acur, Adjunct Professor Hans Mikkelsen, Research Assistants Claus Balken, Ian Semey and Lillian Buus, PhD Students Henrik Jørgensen, Chengbo Wang and Iskra Dukovska-Popovska. Network partners: Professor Riitta Smeds, Assistant Professors Minna Forssén and Päivi Haho (Helsinki University of Technology), Visiting Professor Jim Luxhøj (Rutgers University, USA), Professor Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld (Department of Communication, Aalborg University), Reader Ken Platts and Professor Mike Gregory (Cambridge University) Project duration: Spring 2002 - Summer 2004
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