Experimental Social Psychology

  • Frischer, Josef (Project Participant)

Project Details


The purpose of this project is to introduction of the subject ?Experimental Social Psychology? into the general curriculum of the psychology education at the Department of Communication - Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark. In accordance to the basic pedagogical rationale of Aalborg University, the subject of ?Experimental Social Psychology? is aimed at making theory more practically oriented. This project is following the following steps: 1. To scan the field of experimental social psychology, in Denmark and abroad2. To collect scientific books, articles and experiments in the field of experimental social psychology to be applied in education and research.3. To file, categorize, and translate these materials to Danish4. Transform outmoded material to fit present time period. 5. Detect educators, researchers and practitioners in the field and in the field domestically and internationally6. Expand networks with educators, researchers and practitioners in the field.7. To build up courses to fit the general curriculum of professional and academic psychology education8. Develop research in the field.  
Effective start/end date01/10/200431/07/2005


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