Farm-School Collaboration and the Fostering of Children's Food Literacy and Food Citizenship

  • Dyg, Pernille Malberg (Project Participant)

Project Details


Children are becoming more and more removed from food production and knowing about where their food comes from, being able to cook and know about how and when the food is produced and how to influence the food system. Farm visits and collaboration with local farmers has the potential of enhancing children's understanding of food production and promoting food literacy.
The objectives of the PhD project is to analyse the overall learning goals and values behind current programmes through case studies, in order to qualify a more qualitative and normative assessment of current farm visits and the integration of farm visits in school curriculum. The aim is to investigate how and if stakeholders see links between food and eco-literacy, health and sustainability perspectives; whether they aim at developing children’s individual food literacy or broader food citizenship. It is also to investigate if there is a conflict between the values, interests and learning objectives of the different stakeholders (farmers, teachers and the interest organizations). Understanding these aspects can help qualify recommendations for future action and provide a deeper theoretical understanding of the terms ‘food literacy’ and ‘food citizenship’, which are widely used terms lacking a more theoretical understanding.
Effective start/end date31/12/201030/12/2013


  • Farm visits, schools, food literacy, food citizenship