FLANEUR - healing experience design

  • Veirum, Niels Einar, (Project Participant)
  • Tosti, Mikael, (Project Participant)


    The aim of this project is to experiment with the design and use of sound and visualization systems for enhanced well-being of hospitalized and ambulant patients. The classic FLANEUR was drifting through the city, occasionally interacting with the busy processes taking place around him, most of the time just floating with the shifting streams of the city in an elegant promenade, relaxed but fully aware, living by the gazing, listening and smelling of the city. The quest for this project is to analyze and synthesize the healing and well-being aspects of these human experiences and make them available for patients temporarily cut off from the
    outside world in a hospital setting.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200431/12/2007