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FED is funded by Innovation Foudation Denmark with a grant of 30 mill. kr (AAU grant on 7 mill. kr.). FED is lead by EWII A/S and includes DTU, SDU, AU and 17 companies as partners.

FED aims to create the next generation of intelligent, integrated energy systems based on Big Data and AI, by providing FLEXIBILITY for the efficient integration of wind and solar power, and pave the way for the green transition by:

1) Establishing Denmark's first Data, AI and IoT-based digital infrastructure for flexible energy systems, that collects, validates, integrates, shares and utilizes data across sectorial and company boundaries, while preserving user privacy.

2) Establishing a national platform ( for collecting energy related data on various levels, including real-time data, and testing new SOLUTIONS.

3) Initiating a Data Intelligent Flexible Energy Business Ecosystem of Big Data/AI services, apps, and business models for energy operators and technology providers, to support the green energy transition and provide significant business growth and export opportunities for Denmark.

4) Developing TOOLS that provide the foundation for flexible energy SOLUTIONS to enable the FLEXIBILITY in integrated energy systems.

5) FED provides a mathematical coherent definition of “flexibility”, FLEXIBILITY models and methods to provide balancing and services to energy grids.

6) Establishing energy FLEXIBILITY functions that will be used for optimization, control and IoT services.

7) The FLEXIBILITY functions are also used for estimating the so-called FLEXIBILITY Index. This index can be used for characterizing the FLEXIBILITY of, e.g., buildings, DH systems, communities and smart cities.

8) Providing methodologies based on control or market principles, such that the FLEXIBILITY potentials can be fully exploited on an aggregated level in future smart energy systems (next generation ancillary services).

9) Testing the SOLUTIONS within the connected LIVING LABS (

10) FED offers this platform in the context of the FED FOUNDATION (WP6) to industry and partners to develop and innovate PRODUCTS. Furthermore, the platform can be used for making SOLUTIONS market-ready for large-scale deployment and export.
Effective start/end date01/04/201931/03/2023

Collaborative partners

  • Technical University of Denmark
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • AU
  • EWII (lead)


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK6,400,000.00


  • Flexible Energy, BIG DATA, AI, CPS, Living Labs


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