Flexicurity - A new Paradigm for Labour market and Employment Regulation? (2004-2007)

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Flexicurity is a distinct policy strategy that attempt to enhance in a synchronised and coordinated way, the flexibility of labour markets and, the work organisation and labour relations on the one hand, and to enhance security (employment security and social security) notably for the weak groups in and outside the labour market on the other hand. The aim of the research project is to provide a critical review and assessment, both theoretically and empirically, of flexicurity policies, strategies and arrangements in four north-western European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Gernmany and Denmark. The projct is coordinated by Ton Wilthagen and Frank Tros, University of Tilburg & Hugo Sinzheimer Institute, the Netherlands. From CARMA, Flemming Larsen and I participate specifically in project 3: "Flexicurity arrangements at the company level: HRM policies for the older workers". With Frank Tros (University of Amsterdam, HSI).
Effective start/end date01/01/200431/12/2007