Focus on digitalization, competence development and capacity building

Project Details


The research and development project focuses on competence development and capacity building in relation to digital competencies of both the students and the teachers at the Department of Culture and Learning. The project is supported by IT-vest. The Department of Culture and Learning (at the time of application Department of Learning and Philosophy) and the Study Board for Learning, IT and Organization want to support the development of the AAU programs' digitalization goals in the curricula. This is done through the project by focusing on quality development through, among other things:

- IT skills and computational thinking in education
- Implementation of the university's digitalization strategy
- IT professional competence development of the lecturers at the Department
- Research coverage and building a strong research environment

To help support the incorporation of digitalization goals in the curriculum, input on the understanding of digital competencies is obtained from relevant future employers, alumni and companies.
Effective start/end date01/08/201930/06/2023


  • Digital competences
  • competence development
  • Capacity Building
  • Digitalization goals
  • Computational thinking
  • Implementation
  • Research environment


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