Graduate School in Music Therapy Collaboration with Temple University, Philadelphia

  • Wigram, Tony (Project Participant)

Project Details


The project is concerned with establishing a collaboration with the leading doctoral school in music therapy in the USA, at the Esther Boyr College of Music in Temple University, Philadelphia. The participants are Prof. Tony Wigram and Dr. Lars Ole Bonde(Aalborg University); Associate Dean Dr. Denise Brocke (melbourne University: Prof. Kenneth Bruscia, Prof. Cheryl Dileo and Prof. Ken Aigen (Temple University). The project currently links in informally to the firmal collaboration between the Graduate School of Music Therapy in Aalborg University and the National Music Therapy Research Unit, facult of Music, Mmelbourne University, Australia. The objectives incvolve the exchange of theses; exchange of course materials; sharing of information; invitations to examine; guest teaching.
Effective start/end date10/06/2006 → …


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  • music therapy; Phd study; research; Temple University;


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