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The project will develop and implement methods that enable rapid and complete genome sequencing of corona virus samples in close proximity to patients on both a regional and national level. The project will secure the linking of sequence information with clinical and epidemiological knowledge and function as decision making support for public authorities.

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Researchers from Aalborg University, Aalborg University Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital and Statens Serum Institut are in the process of analyzing the coronavirus' genetic material. Professor with special responsibilities, Mads Albertsen from the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences at Aalborg University states in a press release that DNA analysis of the genomes of the coronavirus can lead to knowledge of how the virus spreads, as well as of the development of vaccines.
Effective start/end date01/04/202031/03/2021

Collaborative partners


  • Poul Due Jensen Foundation: DKK4,251,213.00
  • Uddannelses- og forskningsministeriet: DKK5,000,000.00


  • Corona virus
  • COVID-19
  • Genome analysis


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