Further improvement of PEM electrolysis for flexible energy storage

  • Kær, Søren Knudsen (Project Participant)
  • Olesen, Anders Christian (Project Participant)
  • Frensch, Steffen Henrik (Project Participant)
  • Lafmejani, Saeed Sadeghi (Project Participant)

Project Details


Recent advances within PEM electrolysis have opened new possibilities for the application in
energy system balancing and fuelling of the transport sector. Power-to-gas technology
represents the most promising technology for long-term energy storage that is also capable of
fuelling the transport sector. The upstream (e.g. biogas and gasification gas) and downstream
(direct use of hydrogen, methanation and methanol synthesis) processes involved are
established and commercially available. Further improvement of PEM electrolysis will be
obtained through an interdisciplinary approach of new materials in an improved cell and stack
design to secure a sustainable hydrogen production technology. A high cost of the initial
investment of the electrolyser is a core challenge; hence the electrolyser performance (power
density and efficiency) along with lifetime and degradation rate is central for the economic
feasibility. This project will develop the current State-of-the-Art (SoA) of PEM electrolyser
technology towards significantly increased power density through fundamental materials
development combined with advanced simulation and diagnostics tools to prevent excessive
degradation. The research groups included in this project proposal represent the leading
laboratories in Denmark; within this field of research, and the strong industrial partner ensure
firm links to the end-application. The present consortium includes a company with expertise in
electrolysis technology, and leading knowledge institutions including international experts from
Austria, Switzerland and UK. The goal is to bring Danish PEM electrolysers in the international
forefront with respect to key performance metrics and prepare this key technology for
application in the future energy system.
Short titlee-STORE
Effective start/end date02/02/201531/01/2019


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK26,425,869.00


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