Future Liquid Aviation Biofuels Based on Ethers for Gas Turbine Engine

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The FLABBERGAST B Jet Fuel project addresses the future supply of sustainable aviation fuels, the highest regulated of all liquid fuels, and includes fuel-qualifying lab-scale testing and engine testing of model fuel-blends, as well as product maturation with key partners from the aviation and biorefining industry. Focussing on etherification of long chain alcohols microbially derived from lignocellulose, quality and practicality of select ether fuel-candidate admixtures will be assessed for jet-fuel utilization through to lab scale physical-chemical testing, engine compatibility evaluations and emission analysis, including ultrafine particle emission.
The objectives of FLABBERGAST B are to formulate a functional biojet-fuel, which is highly sustainable and show that it is fully compatible with current gas-turbine engine-technology. Furthermore, to have demonstrated the viability of large-scale industrial production of this fuel, and taken the first important steps towards the approval procedure for blend-in jet fuels.
Effective start/end date01/01/201530/09/2020


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK9,155,326.00


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