Global Competences for Manufacturing Excellence - Bridging Danish and Korean Practices

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The purpose of the activity is the development of a research network of Korean and Danish scholars within the field of Global Operations and Innovation Management. The purpose of this network is collaboration on the increasingly important topic of how global competences for manufacturing excellence are developed. This is a crucial topic to understand for the Danish as well as the Korean industry, which represent two very different models of highly industrialized societies. The particular focus on Denmark and Korea allows for identification of very diverse drivers of excellence, and exchange of knowledge on how to learn and benefit from such differences.
The approach to this research topic is new as it explicitly focuses on the integration of multiple research disciplines including economics, operations management, innovation management, and internationalisation. This combination enables us to overcome the limitations of each of these disciplines on their own, and capitalize on the development of holistic results in order to advance our understanding of contemporary challenges for developing manufacturing excellence.
The expected outcome of the research network is an integrated framework for understanding how global manufacturing companies from different industrial contexts develop, learn, and sustain competences leading to global excellence. As the Plan of Action suggests, this objective is achieved through the development of a research framework centred on global competences of Danish and Korean companies. The activities are also planned in such a way that they progressively lead us towards building on the realized achievements and potentially extending the activities in terms of continued collaboration, initiation of new research projects and extension of the network beyond the exploratory nature of 2013 activities.
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2013


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