Globalization, Technology and Society

  • Muchie, Mammo (Project Participant)

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    While globalization is primarily understood as a socio-economic process, the technological aspect takes on, in a developmental perspective, a most significant position. The present research project intends to focus on some of the embryonic socially progressive processes in sight. It seeks in-depth insight into some of these, in search of possibly already existing alternatives to conventional modernization interventions. Research projects: Mammo Muchie: Transfer of Technology to SSA in Changing International Division of Labour; Other Research Projects in collaboration with Pernille Berthelsen, Mona Dahms and Jens Müller. Output: Several conference and working papers have been completed, and consultancy reports as well as a number of journal articles in refereed journals. Financed by Danida.
    Effective start/end date04/04/200204/04/2002